New HR Role? Here's First30's HR Onboarding Checklist!

Some organizations assume that HR leaders will onboard easily without much direction. Like any other new hire, HR professionals need onboarding support too. To help you get started in your new role, we’ve created an HR onboarding checklist. 

Congratulations on your new role!! The First30 team has designed this HR onboarding checklist to help you succeed. We know that first impressions matter and we want to see you thrive at your new company! Here are 30 action items to get you started! Click HERE to download a PDF version.

1. Connect with New Colleagues

▢ Connect with your new team members
▢ Meet key members of other teams
▢ Seek feedback to understand the organization’s perceptions of HR
▢ Review First30’s How to Make a Great First Impression resource HERE

2. Learn the Business

▢ Review the company purpose, mission, vision & values
▢ Understand the company strategic plan / primary goals
▢ Learn the company’s organization structure & key functions
▢ Do some competitive research – who are the company’s key competitors
▢ Understand how the organization makes money
▢ Search company postings on job boards
▢ Review the company website

3. Learn HR Process and Policy

▢ Review the company policies
▢ Learn the key HR processes and practices
▢ Understand HR’s priorities
▢ Learn about the HR tech
▢ Learn the HR cycle – e.g., when are the busy periods?
▢ Review past employee engagement data
▢ Review the company benefits plan
▢ Learn the payroll cycle and critical submission deadlines
▢ Review the expense policy
▢ Research the company on Glassdoor and other employee review sites
▢ Determine what the current KPI and metrics HR uses to assess business performance
▢ Review the compensation structures
▢ Review the company career page & job board
▢ Review retention stats
▢ Connect with key HR suppliers/vendors

4. Track Your Progress

▢ Develop your own 30/60/90-day action plan
▢ Review First30’s onboarding Learning Process module HERE

5. Provide Updates and Share Appreciation

▢ Update your LinkedIn profile
▢ Thank the people who helped you land the role, and have taken a
keen interest in your onboarding success

We’d love to hear more about your onboarding experience, and, for a quick win,
First30 is happy to offer you a free employee onboarding audit. We’ll help
you prepare to recommend expert improvement recommendations to share with
your new business.

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